Weekly Service

Did you know the average person taking care of their pool can spend $40.00 a month on chemicals alone? That doesn't include if their pool turns green. Think about the cost of repairs too. A minor repair can start at $150.00 and go up from there. Add up your monthly pool costs

The most in-demand service for pool owners is a total care package. Owning a pool shouldn't be an extra thing to take care of with your home. It's your escape!

**Every month of consecutive service that the invoice is paid on time a portion of the bill is added to your loyalty account. Any part or piece of equipment can be bought with these funds. The funds must cover the entire cost of the item purchased.

*Cleaner repairs are included up to a 40$ cost in parts with no markup per month of service.  If the cost exceeds 40$ in the month we will get approval before the work is done and just charge the overage.

We can save you more than you spend on our service!

Weekly Cleaning of the pool.

State of the art 12 point water test every week.

Debris is bagged and hauled off property.

Cleaner Repairs included in price*


Labor rate for Equipment repairs and installs is DISCOUNTED 50%!

Price is only $189.00 per month tax included.