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Relaxing in Pool

Your Pool Should Be An Escape... Not a Burden!

Why filter cleans are important?

Increase the longevity of the pool equipment

Cleaner and healthier water quality

Pool chemical efficiency

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About Us

After 10 years in the pool industry, Blue Legacy Pool Service was started with one idea; to create a truly enjoyable pool experience.


Our family-owned company wants to make a new standard for the industry. Using our mobile computerized water testing labs, we can quickly and accurately find the proper dosage of chemicals for your pool.


We make it our mission to take total care of your pool. We go beyond just cleaning and chemistry to ensure you get the maximum life expectancy out of all your equipment.

We are all part of the same community, and there are many pool professionals in the DFW area. Finding a reliable and friendly pool company can be challenging. It's time you have a pool service that treats you like neighbors.

About Us

Blue Legacy Pools has moved! 

We are open virtually while we build a BRAND NEW STORE and warehouse!   

Do you need Pool Chemicals such as Shock, Salt or just want to see where your water chemistry is during the pool season?

We can deliver almost any supplies you may need. We will even provide a free water test during your visit! 

Contact us at 817-329-5505 x 1 and we are happy to help!

Please let us order, deliver
and balance your pool quickly and at the lowest cost!

Digital Water Testing

Please contact us today to sign up for service and leave it to us!



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