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Blue Legacy Pools is currently building our BRAND NEW STORE!

While we are temporarily virtual we continue to be your go-to for all your pool supply needs!

See below to contact us for chemical delivery

and home water tests! 

Here at Blue Legacy Pools, we pride ourselves on great customer service.

In April of 2017, we opened a retail supply store to better serve our customers.

We offer the best products at competitive pricing. We receive daily shipments, so if you cannot find what you need, we can get it in most cases!

We also offer free state-of-the-art water testing to keep your pool chemicals well balanced.

Cleaner not running well? 

Contact us, we offer free labor on cleaner repairs!


Free Water Analysis


We offer state-of-the-art water testing in our professional water analysis lab. Using Centrifugal Fluidics Photometry with our WaterLink SpinTouch, we can break down your pool's chemistry with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring our customer's peace of mind that their water is efficiently balanced.



Due to the nationwide supply shortage, we are currently combining the use of the following test strips alongside other test measures to ensure the quality of your water accurately.


Please call 817-329-5505 ext 1 for more information on virtual water test readings for free!


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Pool Chemicals

Please contact us for full inventory and pricing

Grids & Cartridges

Please contact us for full inventory and pricing

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