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Filter Clean Services

We offer filter cleans on demand or discounted for  quarterly service

Benefits of proper Filter maintenance include:

  • optimal water pressure; circulation

  • longer life and health of Filter and Equipment

  • premium prevention of algae (including YELLOW algae!)

  • regular monitoring of interior elements 


Manufacturers now recommend regular Filter Cleans  in the North Texas Region once every 3 months or when the pressure is 8-10 psi higher 

(We get every season and sometimes all on the same day! "Well bless our hearts!")

FC Before.jpg
FC After.jpg

Our most popular is the quarterly filter clean service. 

Payment for a year provides a discount of each filter clean $10 for a total of $40 off! 


Our technicians will contact you the day of service and text or email before and after pics of the filter when they finish.

Its simple!

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