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Cooler Weather Checklist:

With cooler temperatures approaching there are a few things to keep in mind concerning your pool equipment.

Once the temperatures stay below 65 degrees you can do the following to prolong the health of your pool equipment and ease the process of opening the pool in the spring;

  • Clean your pool well
    Key to water circulation is the removal of debris. This must be done often and especially near skimmers during leaf season. When leaves and debris enter skimmer cages or overload skimmer baskets (and pump baskets) it will refrain the water from proper flow and can damage pool equipment in a hurry.

  • Now is the time to put away pool toys and secure any unused chemicals, such as tabs in an open air environment as well.

  • Balance your chemicals
    Water testing is important; PH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, and Stabilizer. 

  • Make sure the filter is cleaned
    Optimal water flow will help keep the water from freezing during colder temps

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